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Events in World - outside Europe

There are 23 events in World - outside Europe!

ClimateStories - personal stories about climate change e

People all over the world experience the effects of climate change within their daily lives. The ClimateStories project is a multimedia (internet/TV) production that gives you a chance to share your personal experiences and opinions about climate change in a form of a story. These cinematic s...

Preparing The Trail 2010

PLANTING TREES NOW SO WE CAN PLAY IN THEM LATER! www.preparingthetrail2010.com Preparing the Trail 2010 is a grass roots environmentally active, not-for-profit, athletic organization dedicated to promoting environmental and health awareness programs in our communities. Through our program - at...

I am a reason!

  Six Billion Reasons a global chorus of images and music Life as we know it hangs in the balance – but our climate change negotiators are faltering.  How can we inspire them to act with courage? Long streams of words won’t work: they know all the arguments already. A global chorus ...

Impianto fotovoltaico per l'ospedale di Dajla (Algeria)

SYSTEME SOLAIRE POUR L’HOPITAL DE DAJLA Projet pour la réparation et le renforcement de la puissance d’une système alimenté par énergie solaire dans l’hôpital de Dajla, Camp de réfugiés Saharawi – Tindouf, Algérie Associations promotrices: Reseda onlus, cooperativa sociale...

Online Volunteering - Unite to Combat Climate Change!

The Instituto Voluntários em Ação, a volunteer centre in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, is developing an online campaign with online volunteers to produce, translate and disseminate materials and good practices over the Internet, hoping to create a great network on service. ...

Sun Come Up: A Film about Climate Refugees

Sun Come Up is a documentary following the relocation of some of the world’s first climate change refugees – the Carteret Islanders, a matrilineal community living on an island chain, 50 miles off the coast of Papua New Guinea. 

Cycling for Environment Club

Hi All, We are Cycling for Environment Club (C4E) which is based in Vietnam. Our mission is to promote Vietnamese people to use environment-friendly means of transportation, especially bicycle. That is the motivation for us to organize frequent cycling event on ever...

The 8-day Forest

Over 8 days we want to replant a Forest. We want to make Sandakan Green again. We want blue skies in the town we live. Air that is always clean to breathe. A Natural Environment to grow old in. In-line with their love of plants and inspired by World Environment Day 2009, B...

Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) 7th Roundtable:

The accounting of nature: biodiversity and ecosystem services in Asia and Europe 27-30 June 2009 Hayama, Japan Background Asia and Europe present two of the richest regions in terms of biodiversity (species, genes as well as ecosystems). In Asia, a significant number of people, especially f...
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