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Seal the Deal campaign

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Seal the Deal logoSeal the Deal! is a powerful campaign by the United Nations to encourage governments to agree to a fair, balanced and effective climate agreement when they meet in Copenhagen this December.   

Seal the Deal! is about mobilizing individuals and communities on an ambitious scale to raise a strong call for urgent and united action on climate change.  It's about YOU and your future, and the world we leave for our children.

The latest science shows our climate is changing more rapidly than expected. Millions of people are already suffering from the effects of climate change. Hundreds of millions more - including YOU - could be affected if we don't act immediately.

While leadership at the highest level is needed to protect the planet and build a more sustainable global economy, concerted action by ALL is what will make the real difference.  Every voice counts!   

What you can do:
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon using Seal the Deal stamping seal
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