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PURE FM radio on CoolPlanet2009

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The PURE FM Belgian radio station has joined CoolPlanet2009 featuring the campaign on its talk-show "On n'est pas des anges" every Tuesday at 18:45. Discussing the fight against climate change, the show highlights some of the green innovations and projects presented on the CoolPlanet2009 website. Listen to the PURE FM shows dedicated to CoolPlanet below.

Podcast Tuesday 8 December 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 1 December 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 24 November 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 10 November 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 3 November 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 27 October 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 20 October 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 13 October 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 29 Septembre 18h45 (ONPDA)

Podcast Tuesday 04 August 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 28 July 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 21 July 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 14 July 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 7 July 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 30 June 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 23 June 8h45 (Snooze)

Podcast Tuesday 16 June 18h45

Podcast Tuesday 9 June 18h45

Podcast Tuesday 2 June 18h45

Podcast Tuesday 26 May 18h45


Clim City Online Game

'CLIM CITY' is appearing now on the educational play scene; a new game in line with the science association of Bordeaux's aims to raise awareness and inform on the deterioration of the environment, and the consequences it has on all of us. Onscreen is a French region with a mountain, urban and coastal areas and around 100, 000 inhabitants. The player has the task of getting energy wastage and greenhouse gas emissions down to 25%. They have 50 years to do this, during which time they must work with business organisations, citizens and official bodies. They are given 250 actions or possible behavioural choices to use. With comprehensible logic, as quickly as possible, the player must act. Slowness and inactivity go against them. This game provides us with around 300 written, visual and sound documents, which are very valuable materials for teachers and students, and which, on top of being open for consultation, can also be downloaded.


  • ECO Neighbuzz
 Eco-neighbuzz Gizmodo photo

Korhan Buyukdemirci from Finland create the Eco-neighbuzz which is an apartment buzzer & intercom system with additional features. Today's existing intercom systems work only between outside door and flat. However, we can improve this system to support the existing community inside the building. Even though today we are living in tall concrete blocks built in big metropolises, we are not communicating with our neighbours as we did years ago. Sometimes we even don't know who is living in the building and what they are doing. When thinking about green design, we need to design good services which help us to consume less and share more.


Podcast Tuesday 19 May 18h45



  • ENO Planting Day
ENO Tree Planting Day

On the 22 May, schoolchildren all over the globe will participate in the fight against climate change and in the work towards a more sustainable future by planting trees on all continents. The event coincides with the United Nation’s World Biodiversity Day, and it is also a contribution to the Billion Tree Campaign run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Last year more than 2000 schools in 122 countries participated in the Tree Planting Day, and 300 000 trees was planted.


  • Bottle-2-Pen B2P

Another first for Pilot. A retractable, refillable gel ink rollerball which is made from recycled plastic bottles and designed to look like one too. Chunky translucent barrel is sculpted like a mineral water bottle.



Podcast Tuesday 12 May 17h15

  • RainForestSos.org
The Prince's Rainforests Project

Even though tropical forests seem a long way away from most of us, they play a vital role in all our lives, every day. In fact, rainforests are essential for the wellbeing of everyone, because they are the world’s natural air-conditioning and thermostat systems. They act as the cooling belt around the centre of our planet and they generate much of the rainfall that is essential around the world for producing food to meet the demands of our growing global population. Rainforests are also undeniably linked to our ability to prevent catastrophic climate change, and that is why His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales established his Rainforests Project.


  • Tweet a watt
Tweet a Watt, A twittering power meter

Using "off-the-shelf hardware", we have modified a Kill-a-Watt(TM) power meter to "tweet" (publish wirelessly) the daily KWH consumed to the user's Twitter account (Cumulative Killowatt-hours). We are releasing this project as an "Open source hardware" project - in other words, anyone can make these, modify them and make a commercial product from the ideas and methods. Here's how it works: The modified Kill-a-Watt uses a "super-cap" to slowly recharge itself. Once there is enough power it turns on the Xbee wireless module which transmits the data to a nearby computer (or internet connected microcontroller, like an Arduino). Once the power usage for the day is recorded it uses a predefined Twitter account (it can be your own) to publish your daily KWH consumption for the day. Multiple units can be used for an entire household.



Podcast Tuesday 5 May 18h45 

  • Be Green Film Festival
Be Green Film Festival

Carry out a film runs (3 min. maximum) with a portable telephone, a camera, a computer or a camera. 3O films will be selected. They will be diffused on Internet and on television (TF1 & UshuaïaTV).Some will be preceded.


  • Green Box
Green Box Pizza

The pizza box design has remained unchanged for the past thirty years. For your customers, the box is too unwieldy to store uneaten pizza and takes up too much space in the trash can and is totally environmentally unfriendly. For your company, it is an underutilized marketing tool that until now, ignored the time and attention paid to it by customers. With the introduction of our revolutionary new environmentally friendly box manufactured from 100% recycled material, the ‘Green Box’, these issues have finally been addressed and overcome!


Podcast Tuesday 28 April 18h45 

  • Home
Home - A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus-Bertrand takes us on an original journey all around the planet, to contemplate her, to understand her. HOME will help us understand our relationship with our planet. In a same move, the treasures she offers and the marks we leave behind us will be revealed with one single goal: to urge us to protect the Earth. The film is a travel notebook, showing landscapes captured only from above. Looking down from the sky, we can follow the water currents, the road directions, and we can embrace a complex in a simple look, without resorting to any explanation.


  • Bug Plug

Bug Plug - GadgetPerfect for a kid’s room or a nursery, the BugPlug is a small energy-saving creature that seeks out power-draining devices and shuts them off at the source. Simply attach it to an appliance (or a whole set of electric devices through power strip), and an infrared sensor will search for human presence by looking for body heat and motion. If none is detected, the Bugplug will turn off the unused devices. Conceived by Polish designer Kamil Jerzykowski, the kid-friendly energy saver is one of fifty finalists in the 2nd annual Greener Gadgets Design Competition

Podcast Tuesday 21 April 18h45 

  • Velo-City

Bike LiftBike LiftBrussels is planning to build a bike lift at Monts Arts in Brussels to make it easier for people to get up the hill and encourage people to cycle. They wanted to finish it in time for Velo-City but its being postponed until autumn.  The first and only one so far , is in Trondheim in Norway where a local engineer came up with the design. It’s now being altered slightly to meet the EU safety regulations. It’s being constructed by PUMA , which builds lifts for ski slopes.

Basically , you put one foot on a metal sheet that then follows a rail up the hill , see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j1PgmMbug8

  • RITI Printer
RITI Printer GadgetFor those who are constantly hitting the ctrl P to keep printing their work docs via ink-based printers, here is a green alternative. Though still a concept, Korean designer Joen Hwan J u' s RITI Printer is designed to feed on used coffee ground or tea dregs to imprint the pages. So every time the user sips on his/her cuppa coffee or tea, the residue has to be fed to this eco-friendly printer. Place it in the ink case on the top and insert the paper in the center. Then manually moving the case in both directions, left and right, will render images o r text on the paper. Eliminating the need of ch emical based inks a nd grid-connectivity, this herbal-ink based printer will also keep the docs smelling good with coffee or tea aroma. Now that sounds.....or rather smell good! 


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