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Earth is calling – Enjoy a COP15 meal

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Organic 3-course meal at København "klimafolkekjøkken"Yesterday the Coolplanet2009 team went to have an organic and climate friendly three-course meal with local people at the Copenhagen House of Food (Københavns Madhus).

100 volunteers had gathered to help out at the COP15 restaurant, which was open from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 December. A local volunteer, Mette Vinther Hansen, joined us for dinner and told us about her motivation to volunteer at the House of Food.

“The atmosphere when people come together around a common interest and volunteer is just great,” Mette explains.

- Why did you choose to volunteer?

“I want to do something for the climate, and all the food here is organic and climate friendly. I am studying Human Nutrition, and health, nutrition and climate are my big interests. Furthermore, I find it really uplifting to come and work in a place like this – a place where people come to work because it is for a good cause and because they really want to be here.”

Curious visitors

The three-course meal – all vegan - was made out of local, organic products. At the restaurant there were several voluntary hosts with experience and knowledge in organic farming, ready to answer questions and keep us with company.

Dietry advisor and consultant Lise Faurschou joined our table, and could tell us that visitors were very curious about how organic farming and climate change interrelate:

“People ask all kinds of questions, and seem to be especially interested in what a vegetarian diet means for the environment.”

Lise offers seminars for individuals, groups and companies wishing to adapt to more organic meals and lifestyle. She also wishes to highlight the connection between organic food and climate change.

“A healthy diet gets a new and better motive when you add the importance of taking care of our future, our environment and our community,” Lise says.

Check out Lise’s webpage here (in Danish only).

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