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Jean-Paul Knott

Jean Paul Knott

Why he is cool: Creator of the cotton Seal the Deal pins for UNRIC, Jean-Paul Knott is a Belgian designer who has worked with the UN in Europe for three years. After 12 years working on the different products for Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul opened his company in Brussels in 2000 and has developed his lines since. His first project with the UN was for the network of Friends of the United Nations F.U.N, for which he made the first blue bracelets. He has also created a line of clothing for the online European clothing store 3 Suisse with the UNRIC slogan “it’sCool2Care”.

Cool facts: In 2001 he was named artistic director for Krizia. In 2002 he designed costumes for Maurice Bejard Ballet and in 2003 he starts working as the creative director for Louis Féraud Paris. 2004 and 2005 were dedicated to strengthen Jean-Paul Knott world by adding a line of underwear with DIM, designing rooms for he Royal Windsor Hotel in Brussels and developing accessories lines.  In 2006 Jean-Paul Knott launches his first concept gallery, in the heart of Brussels, dedicated to clothes, fashion and Art.

As opposed to most designers, Jean-Paul does not believe in merchandising, especially for a cause such as the fight against climate change. When we approached him to make the Seal the Deal t-shirts, he suggested that instead we teach people how to make their own t-shirts and other Seal the Deal accessories.

Watch our "Wear Seal the Deal" video featuring Jean-Paul where he shows you how to do-it-yourself - make your own t-shirt and pin.


seal the deal t-shirts    Jean-Paul Knott with Seal the Deal t-shirts


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Wear Seal the Deal

seal the deal pin and t-shirt

CoolPlanet presents a newWear-Seal-the-Deal concept in partnership with the Belgian designer Jean-Paul Knott, featuring downloadable Seal the Deal campaign tools based on a do-it-yourself philosophy.

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