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Welcome to the games section!

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Here we have collected some fun and educational games about the environment and climate change. Let us know if you know of some exciting games that should be featured here

Help solve the Climate Mystery 
Save the Copenhagen Climate Conference from an evil conspiracy!
ClimateMystery is an Alternate Reality Game where fiction is built as being real through the use of mixed media such as games, film clips with actors, pictures, blogs, and social networks. The user has to help the main character Alex solve a series of problems related to the climate and the Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

Stop Disasters
Learn how to respond to different disasters in this new simulation video game from UN-ISDR, the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

Play the Sandbag climate game
A simulation of the global climate change negotiations where multiple users can try their hand at agreeing a deal.

Take Climate Challenge
A game created by the BBC where you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office.

Meet the Energy Hog
A game that teaches how home energy improvements can save money, improve comfort and help the environment, created by the Alliance to Save Energy.


Go on an ECO Mission
An online game created by the “Lick Global Warming” campaign that teaches about fuel efficiency, including: vehicles, conserving trips, vehicle maintenance and lowering your ecological footprint

Solve the Climate Crossword
A climate crossword from Clean Air Kids.

Become an Eco Agent
On The Eco Agents website all 9- to 14-year-olds can become undercover ‘eco agents’ in comic strip stories. In each story, five heroes from the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Turkey and Greece are assigned to a special mission, such as infiltrating a ‘wind farm’ in the Netherlands, which is a cover-up for a natural gas extraction facility. Find the Eco Agents Website in 23 different languages at: http://ecoagents.eea.europa.eu/

See Ronaldo take on the ElectroViper

Evil ElectroVipers have taken over the light factory and are draining all the electricity. To save the facory, Ronaldo must squash all the ElectroVipers and rescue the low energy light bulbs. A game created by the European Commissions directorate-general for energy and transport.

Visit the island of Honoloko 

A fun 3D pixel art game for children Created by the European Environment Agency in cooperation with WHO regional Office for Europe. Find your way around an imaginary island. Along the way, make important choices about energy use and transport.

Help the Seagull Strike Back
A game about unsustainable fishing created by the WWF.

Become and ECO Kid
An award winning site from Earth Day Canada

Keep Winter Cool
Turn off electricity and keep the snowman from melting


Climate Mystery game
Stop Disasters game
Sandbag Climate Change game
Climate Challenge game
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Eco Mission game
Clean Air Kids Crossword Puzzle
Eco Agents game
Ronaldo vs. ElectroViper game
Honoloko Island game
Seagull Strickes Back game
Eco Kids portal with games
Keep Winter Cool game
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