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CoolPlanet presents on the occasion of World Environment Day a new Wear-Seal-the-Deal concept in partnership with the Belgian designer Jean-Paul Knott, featuring downloadable Seal the Deal campaign tools based on a do-it-yourself philosophy.

The designer Jean-Paul Knott explains every step of the production of the t-shirts and pins in a 3 minute video clip

Do-it-yourself Seal the Deal t-shirts and pins

What you'll need:

  • a t-shirt and/or
  • some scraps of fabric from around the house (for pins)
  • iron-transfer paper, available from stationers
  • scissors
  • small safety pins-preferably black

Make sure you've also got:

  • access to a computer
  • access to a colour inkjet printer
  • an iron
  • a hard, heat-proof wooden surface, like a cutting board to put on top of your ironing board

 Printing the transfers

1.  Download the Seal the Deal PDF kit here.

If you want to create pins only download this iron-transfer sheet.

2.  Load your printer with the iron-transfer paper.

New! You can also create your own do-it-yourself bracelets using the new bracelets transfer sheet.

3.  Open the PDF and print it at a reasonably high resolution.

The images will appear as mirror images when you print them out. Don't worry, they'll look right in the end.

 Cutting out the iron-transfers

seal the deal t-shirt and pin

4.  Get your scissors and cut around each image making sure you get as close to the edge as possible.

 Preparing for iron-transfer-mation

5.  Empty the iron of water and heat to maximum temperature.

6.  Find a hard, heat-proof wooden surface and lay out the t-shirt or fabric.

 Making your Seal the Deal t-shirt

7.  Choose which printed out logos you want to use on your t-shirt and place them on the t-shirt face down.

- You should be able to see the logos through their backing paper, and they should now be the right way around.

8.  Apply the now very hot iron directly on the iron-transfer logos being careful to

- press firmly

- for 30-50 seconds on each spot, and

- being careful to not miss the corners.

- After you’ve done each one, let them cool for 50 seconds before the next step.

- Make sure the edges are completely stuck down, otherwise apply more heat.

9.  Carefully peel the backing sheet of each iron-transfer.

 T-shirt done!

 Making your Seal the Deal pin

10. Get your piece of fabric and rip it into a strip of about 15x4cm.

11. Place one of the small 2x3cm iron-transfer logos at one end of the fabric strip.

12. Repeat steps 6 to 10 above.

13. Fold the fabric strip in half widthwise and place a safety pin at the top.

 Pin done!

    • Get creative, wear your t-shirt and pin and spread the word!

     Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wearing Seal the Deal pin UNRIC interns wearing Seal the Deal t-shirts seal the deal t-shirt - detail

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