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Wall of Events

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It is our responsibility

Margot Wallström--A message to Cool Planet readers from Margot Wallström, Vice-President, of the European Commission.


I fully and strongly support the approach of CoolPlanet 2009, that citizens can make significant contributions by changing their life styles. Combating climate change is something that each and every one of us can do something about. We can all turn down the central heating, better insulate our homes, choose highly energy-efficient household appliances and completely switch off unused appliances – including stand-by lights! We can all use energy-saving light bulbs, drive a more economical car and, whenever possible, find alternative means of getting to work. I believe we as individuals basically need to change our way of life. We need to consume and produce sustainably. We need to reflect on how our behaviour affects nature and the prospects of future generations. We need to be more rather than have more. It’s simply our responsibility as inhabitants of this planet.

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Cool Messages

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Margot WallstrOmIt is our responsibility
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