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Wall of Events

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Websites with inspiration and ideas how to tackle climate change.

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1   Link   Do the Green Thing
Green Thing is a non-profit public service that inspires people to lead a greener life with the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories from creative people and community members around the world.
2   Link   Green Facts
Facts on health and the environment.
3   Link   Green Progress
Green Progress provides the latest news and information on environmental technology and green innovations being developed to protect our environment and our well-being.
4   Link   Earthwatch
Earthwatch is an international environmental charity which engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.
5   Link   ECO Earth
ECO Earth is an environment web portal that aims at identifying, filtering and networking all the best information found. It also provides a search engine and analysis of important environmental sustainability policy developments on their blog.
6   Link   Junkk
A site offering advice and ideas on anything 're' (re:duce, re:use, re:pair, re:cycle, etc) with the ultimate goal of helping save the planet.
7   Link   Our world
A blog maintained by the United nations University, set up to inspire people to learn about pressing global issues.
8   Link   The Daily Green
A self proclaimed “users guide to the green revolution.”
9   Link   The Climate Prediction
Climateprediction.net is the largest experiment to try and produce a forecast of the climate in the 21st century.
10   Link   The Inconvenient Truth
The science, the action, a blog and possibility to buy the documentary of the same name or download e-cards, posters or screensavers.
11   Link   TckTckTck
Time is running out. The clock is ticking. Tck Tck Tck is a campaign by Global Humanitarian Forum to highlight the need for new climate agreement in Copenhagen.
12   Link   Topten: Best of Europe
Topten is a new website to help consumers find out the most energy-efficient products and cars in Europe. The national Topten websites provide detailed information in local languages on products, including photos and manufacturer contact information.
13   Link   New Energy World Network
New Energy World Network’s mission is to inform and connect the global clean energy investor community.
14   Link   Earth Easy
An overview of websites for carious websites for children, on how they can learn to become stewards of their environment.
15   Link   Zoom - Kids on the move 2009
The ZOOM campaign invites children all over Europe to make their daily journeys in an environmental-friendly way. Children can collect so called Green Footprints when traveling by bike, skater, bus, train etc. The Climate Alliance will be handing over the whole amount of collected “Green Footprints” to the participants of the next UN-Climate Change Conference, which will take place in Copenhagen in December.
16   Link   Common Future
A climate project that invites students from different parts of the world, to take part in a youth climate conference in Copenhagen in March 2010. Financed by The Danish Ministry of Education and UNESCO.
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